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The need for professionalism, combining etiquette, protocol and serving skills, is the inspiration for The Corporate School of Etiquette.

Our goal for new, transitioning, or established flight attendants or flight technicians, is to ensure that you are completely prepared for a challenging and successful career in corporate aviation.  All aspects of private aviation are addressed to ensure exquisite service that meets or exceeds your clients’ expectations.  We utilize the classroom, corporate aircraft service trainer, and our culinary center throughout your training.

Our knowledgeable, award-winning and certified professionals provide realistic instruction and suggestions.  Guest professionals from a wide array of disciplines share their knowledge throughout classes.  We also consult with aviation professionals and owners to create the ambiance for their private business aircraft.


Proper plating and
service techniques

Whether at 35,000 or 51,000 feet you will be, as a professionally trained corporate flight attendant, utterly prepared and confident applying the culinary and service skills you have perfected in our training center.


Full size corporate jet
cabin service trainer


Hands on training with
the latest equipment.

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