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Curriculum & Class Descriptions

The Corporate School of Etiquette is a unique “hands-on” program designed to provide flight attendants and flight technicians training in social and business etiquette, customer service and culinary skills.

Service procedures are practiced in our full size corporate jet cabin which is equipped with club and divan seating and a galley that duplicates the actual working conditions inside a business jet.

Culinary skills, plating and presentation styles are practiced with our Chef Instructor to ensure your confidence on the aircraft.

The Corporate School of Etiquette offers a variety of classes to empower our students with the knowledge and experience they need to provide the highest levels of service and skills to enhance their careers in corporate aviation.

New and Advanced Service and Culinary Arts Course

A stimulating and exciting hands-on approach to the necessary skills needed on the corporate aircraft.  You’ll master:

  • Introductions and Handshakes
  • International Etiquette
  • Mechanics of Service, Procedures and Style
  • Executive Dining Skills
  • Wine and Food Pairing
  • Knife Skills
  • Basic and Advanced Plating

Cost Saving Techniques Utilizing Your Catering  (2 Day Class)

  • Total utilization of food ordering and supplemental shopping
  • Maximizing menu planning strategies
  • Effective strategies in controlling food costs
  • Hands-on practical training in our state-of-the-art Culinary Center
  • Working one-on-one with our Award-Winning Chef Instructor
  • Students will demonstrate acquired culinary and service applications on our corporate jet

Service Essentials Training (2 days - New and Transitioning Flight Attendants)

This course provides the essential service skills necessary for new and transitioning Flight Attendants and Flight Technicians.  Skills covered include:

  • Introduction to Corporate Aviation
  • Dispatch Briefing
  • Menu Planning / Catering Objectives
  • Working Lunch on Aircraft Trainer
  • Mechanics of Service
  • Before and After Landing Procedures
  • International Travel Requirements and Documents

Practical Flight Assignment - New and Transitioning Flight Attendants

This is an actual timed “flight” assignment from start to finish designed to help the Flight Attendant / Flight Technician gain confidence using service procedures and culinary skills in our corporate jet cabin service trainer.

  • Receiving a trip sheet from Dispatch
  • Speaking with a caterer and ordering the appropriate food for a flight
  • Preparing, plating and serving the menu items to passengers on the “flight” in a timed scenario
  • Before and after landing procedures

Cultural Difference Course - Regional Styles of India / Russia (2 day course).

IIn this course you will master the regional styles of India and Russia.  This course will provide you with the cultural awareness, international etiquette and menu planning guidelines when traveling to India and Russian.  You will also have the opportunity to sample regional foods of India and Russia and learn hands-on plating techniques with our Chef Instructor. In this course you will become knowledgeable in:  

  • Society and Culture
  • National Holidays
  • International Etiquette
  • Business Meeting Etiquette
  • Religious Dietary Restrictions
  • Essential Staples Items
  • Styles of Cooking
  • Regional Cuisine
  • Hands-On Menu Planning Techniques with our Chef Instructor
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