As a Manager of Flight Attendants for a large flight department, I read about your training after attending the NBAA Flight Attendant Conference in 2008.

I recently attended the 3-day Advanced Culinary/Service course as well as the 2-day Advanced Menu Planning class taught by Chef Jamie. The training was invaluable! The old adage “You make me look good” has come true! The skills that I gained have given me the confidence to expand out from the safety net of my usual food orders. I am now comfortable paring wine with food, making my own cheese trays and ordering more ethnic food. I still hear Chef Jamie’s voice in my head saying “This will pull you out of the fire!”

Our flight attendants are the most visible measure of professionalism in our flight department. In today’s business environment, it is very important that we present an impeccable product and save cost; not an easy task! Your training has helped me accomplish this goal. As a manager, I have always set a high standard of excellence in our department.  Sharing the knowledge that I gained from The Corporate School of Etiquette with my employees has raised the bar of expectations even higher!

After all of these years of flying, I am pleased that I now have the training, expertise and confidence to present a product to my passengers that is second to none.

Thank you again for all of the hard work and dedication that obviously was put into your training program. The professionalism of your teaching staff made the entire experience enjoyable. I look forward to attending another course in the near future!

Denese Gouvin

The Corporate School of Etiquette has an exciting and innovating training facility. The Advance Culinary Skills Course offered me more than what I could have imagined. The business organization and training support of CSE were impeccable. I now have a stronger menu sense, canvas, and pallet to deliver exceptional service. Looking forward upon returning for additional training. Bravo to Donna Casacchia, Founder of the CSE!”

Anne Majer
Freelance Corporate Flight Attendant

“Finally there is a school that bridges the gap between commercial and corporate aviation, meeting a thriving need for professional service training by so many flight operations.  Attending CSE with our demonstration in-flight coordinators has brought us all the the same level of service and standards.  I am encouraged for the industry to have a school with a strong core of service classes.  Thanks for raising our industry standards!”

Debbie Franz, Senior Coordinator of Flight Services
Bombardier Demonstration Department

“Thank you CSE, I loved my experience at your facility.  What a professional, friendly and supportive staff you have.  The course content you offer was just what I was looking for.  I have gained knowledge and skills sets that will ensure an excellent level of service to my clients.  I am looking forward to attending your advanced classes and furthering my experience with CSE.  I highly recommend CSE to everyone in corporate aviation.”

Leah Brittingham, TAG Aviation

“The training I received at the Corporate School of Etiquette allows me to deliver exquisite personal service that is never intrusive.  This course, which concentrated on protocol and in-flight executive dining procedures, gave me the tools to provide service comfortably on a family trip or with foreign dignitaries on board for important business meetings.  That training, combined with the culinary training and wine/food pairing class, lets me feel confident that when I step on a plane I am going to deliver an unmatched level of service.”

Carol Martin, Freelance Corporate Flight Attendant


Read  AINonline’s article, “Catering: Special Report,”
 by Kirby J. Harrison, September 1, 2007, featuring
The Corporate School of Etiquette on page 7!

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