Corporate Flight Attendant Service, Culinary
and Etiquette Training

  • Are you interested in becoming a corporate flight attendant?
  • Are you considering transitioning from commercial flying into the business jet community?
  • Are you an established corporate flight attendant seeking new culinary and menu planning skills as well as polishing your service skills?

Success in this industry requires knowledge, polish and confidence.

The Corporate School of Etiquette (CSE) provides the corporate flight attendant with a unique program designed with the practical experience and knowledge of skills, international etiquette and protocol, and culinary skills necessary to ensure a rewarding career in corporate aviation.

The Corporate School of Etiquette is a unique “hands on” program designed to provide new and established corporate flight attendants and flight technicians training in social and business etiquette, customer service and culinary skills.

The Corporate School of Etiquette training center is located in Long Beach, California.  A variety of courses are available, ranging from one to four days in duration.

Culinary Arts Course in Teterboro, NJ & Savannah, GA!


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Andrews flight attendants receive corporate level etiquette training

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